There’s only so much our environment can take. That’s why it’s so important to act in a sustainable way and use resources and energy in a smart way. Sustainable welding is also becoming a more important part of making things in factories. Welding technology depends on a number of things, such as the right welding process and a faster welding speed with less rework.

How does sustainable welding work?

In order to make production more sustainable, it is very important to use modern and complex welding technology. The efficiency of the manufacturing process goes up the more reliable and flexible the welding system is. Operators can use the right technology to increase the speed of welding while keeping the quality high. This means it might be possible to get rid of whole production cells. It also helps cut down on the amount of energy and materials used to make things, like filler materials and auxiliary materials.

How to Choose a Welding Torch.

Quality is very important here. Most cheap products are made of low-quality materials that wear out quickly and can’t be fixed. They are basically disposable. The materials used to make Fronius welding torches are of the highest quality. Care is taken during development to make sure that the heat balance is right. The torch is made so that the materials used wear down as little as possible. This makes the product last longer and uses less raw materials. After all, copper, brass, and plastic wear down more quickly as the temperature goes up. Along with the materials, the torch’s shape is also important. Because the contact tips are in the shape of a cone, they take in 70% less heat from the arc than regular contact tips.

The user gets more use out of the tool and has to do less work over. On the production lines, where the metal shavings are sent back to the raw material manufacturer to be reused, there is also a focus on sustainability. A centrifuge is used to separate the lubricant needed for the production process from the chips before they are sent back. The lubricant is then sent back to the production hall. So, the lubricant can be used more than once.

What are the benefits for the person who uses it?

The high-quality products and solutions are perfectly tailored to each customer’s needs and impress with their quality, efficiency, and value for money. For production to be sustainable, parts that wear out must last a long time. Fronius welding torches are also durable and can be fixed if they break.