Know More about MIG/MAG Welding

MIG/MAG welding is one of the most popular ways to join two metals together. But how does it work? In our blog post, you’ll find all the information you need about MIG/MAG welding, from how to choose the right shielding gases and filler metals to how the different types of

10 Welding Tips for Newcomers

Welding is one of the hardest jobs to learn. It takes time and welding tips to get good at it.In this trade, it’s important to pay close attention to the details and know a lot about all the things. The things that affect the quality of the end result.If you

6 Steps To Write and Understand A WPS

WPS stands for “Welding Procedure Specification.” Whether you only weld once in a while or you do it all the time for a living, WPS will be a key part of every weld you do. In a job like welding, it’s important to pay attention to details and follow the

Comparison Between Soldamatic and VERTEX 360

What is a Soldamatic welding simulator? Soldamatic IE is the world’s first Welding Training Solution powered with Augmented Reality (AR). It is the third generation Soldamatic platform and applies new technologies like AR to enhance the learning process and uses real welding equipment to develop skills and muscle memory. Moreover, this simulator applies gamification to improve trainees’ motivation, personalized learning to adapt

What are the various kinds of Welding Joints?

Welding joints, techniques, and expertise are used in a wide range of industries, from automotive and aerospace to manufacturing and shipping. Welders must be versatile in their knowledge of different types of welds and how to perform them, even if the welding required is not as comfortable as hoped. Any

How 4 Different Ways Of Augmented Reality Helps Us?

It goes without saying that technologies like AR (Augmented Reality) are transforming the way we live, devise information and communicate with each other.

Welding Training Solutions powered with AR

Soldamatic 2018 is the latest generation of Augmented Reality welding training solution which aims to improve the user experience of welding instructors and students, has arrived.

Soldamatic supports Jail inmates in India – News

Welding skill development is gradually but steadily gaining traction in India. Inmates in jail have recently benefited from these. Welding training is typically included in skill development programmes alongside fitter, electrician, and other trades. It is nearly impossible to establish a functional training lab due to a lack of funds.

3 Major Differences Between AR & VR for Welding Simulators

Virtual reality and augmented reality are two of the most popular and game-changing technologies of the 21st century. Both of them continue to change and show new ways of using them and problems they can help solve in everyday life. AR and VR are both very popular around the world,

5 Benefits of a Simulator in a Welding Training Program

Simulators are essential in training programs across different industries and fields. The development of new technologies like Artificial Intelligence or Augmented Reality is enhancing their features and refining the learning process of students or trainees.