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How to use voice to control welding machines?

You use them to wash your teeth, tie your shoes, eat, use your phone, and work on your computer. But what if you couldn’t use your hands at all or could only use them a little? Let’s know how you can use your voice to control welding machines. LIFEtool is

How to combine welding and sustainability?

Sustainability and careful use of resources and energy are becoming more and more important in the manufacturing industry. This is true not only because of new energy laws and eco-design directives, but also because it saves money and reduces a company’s environmental footprint. Since welding is a key part of

What Is The Significance Of Welding Across Industries?

People are so used to welding that they sometimes forget the significance of welding in our everyday lives. Welding is an important part of our lives, from the cars we drive to the buildings we live in. It is also used in almost every industry. But the trade is changing

What is robot integrator ?

Why do you need robot integrator? If, for example, an automaker or supplier needs a new way to make car doors, there are many things to think about. For example, the body parts must be worked on in the right order and with the right method for each step. For

What is TIG welding with ArcTig?

One of the most important things for TIG welding processes users, is that the weld seams look good. But time is also important in production environments that are always being changed to be as efficient as possible. ArcTig is a new TIG welding process for automated applications that allows for

How is Robotic welding renewable and cheap?

What should you do when there are a lot of welded parts to make? You make robotic welding cells in a certain way because different parts need different solutions. Still, the main things that robotic welding cells do are always the same, no matter what the part is. Positioning the

How automated welding increases productivity?

You will always put a cylinder, a base, and a cover together in order to create a boiler. This endeavor is more difficult than it appears because of our dedication to effectiveness and reliable high quality. This blog is your key to know about how high performance automated welding can

Why not to overlook welding data documentation?

The idea of “big data” is becoming more popular around the world and is becoming more important in welding technology. This means that the most important parts of a good production process are the documentation of welding data. And the ability to analyze it in depth. This is because people

What is Industrial Plasma Cleaning?

It is a bright flame that can look like a welding arc. But it has nothing to do with the actual joining. It is there in preparation. The arc moves over metal and plastic surfaces with the highest level of accuracy. A robot controls it, to the millimetre. After that,

How to Weld in a Sustainable Way

There’s only so much our environment can take. That’s why it’s so important to act in a sustainable way and use resources and energy in a smart way. Sustainable welding is also becoming a more important part of making things in factories. Welding technology depends on a number of things,