Members of Generation Z have the advantage of growing up as “digital natives.” Technologies like smartphones and tablets are now a regular part of their lives, and apps are used to play games, get information, or get advice. And now you can learn the basics of welding in a fun way with an app. The hard task of memorising a lot of theory is no longer necessary. Welders who are just starting out can now improve their basic skills in a way that is safe and doesn’t cost much. How does it work, though?

You can weld virtually on your phone or tablet.

The app for phones and tablets teaches people everything they need to know about welding. The user can pick either the quiz app or the game app. In the quiz, they pick one of four answers and find out right away if they were right or wrong. This is a fun way to learn about how the theory works. Users must answer 10 questions to finish a round of the game. Then, the scores are shown in order of how they rank. With an international high score ranking, users can see how they compare to all app users around the world.

From theory to use: the Welducation app.

Virtual welding is a game app that gives people who would rather learn by doing than by reading about it a chance to try it out. The touchscreen turns into a piece of work, and your finger becomes a torch for welding. There are different levels in the game. As the level goes up, the welding tasks get harder. Users can weld things like melt runs and fillet and butt welds. The virtual trainer helps the player by using colour signals to show them the best speed and position for welding. The goal is to get as many points as possible by making seams that are even and well-done. Users can also keep track of their game points in the online rankings.