Hello potential welders! We’re glad you’re here, and we’ll show you ten things that we think make welding a GREAT career choice.

We won’t keep you waiting, so here are the 10 reasons why…

  • Earnings go up when demand goes up.
  • Change is what makes life interesting.
  • No lectures, no seminars, no professors.
  • Get going right now!
  • A great side job in the area.
  • Get out and see the world!
  • BYOB.
  • Assist the people around you.
  • Women are getting more chances.
  • It will always take care of you.

But you’ll want to keep reading because we’re going to give you more and more exciting details.

1. More customers = more money in the bank!

People need welders a lot. This career will get you many clients. In fact, there are more jobs than welders, which is great news for welders who like to make a lot of money and get fair pay. Since the number of new welders is growing at a slower rate than the overall demand, there are many opportunities. If you want to be a welder, you can be rich and busy at the same time.

Of course, if you want to get rich fast, you might want to change your mind. Starting salaries are pretty good, but after a few years in the business, you can start to ask for six-figure salaries and lucrative jobs abroad. Also, it’s good that you can do welding for private clients in your spare time to make more money.

2. Change is what makes life interesting.

In this career, there are a lot of different things to do. There are lots of different jobs, places, welds, projects, and more. You’ll learn a lot of different skills and talents pretty quickly if you’re willing to try out a lot of different projects. Here are a few suggestions:

Welding in general: repair and production.

Welding is used to put in and fix pipes.

Welding under water. – Offshore jobs in the ocean.

Welding in space helps make rockets and more.

Welding in the navy is used to build and fix ships.

Equipment and buildings in the military are welded together.

Motorsports welding. – vehicle engineers.

3. No lectures, no seminars, no professors.

Too often, intelligence is judged by how well someone does in school, which doesn’t take into account the creativity and intelligence needed to be a top-level welding career. If you want to move up in your career as a welder, you don’t have to go to seminars and lectures or watch professors. Instead, all you need is drive, motivation, and a willingness to get better. Having a steady hand also helps. If you’re willing to work hard and make connections, it’s easy to move up in an industry where there aren’t enough good people.

This doesn’t mean that education doesn’t matter. In fact, teachers and mentors play a very important role in making sure that new welders are qualified, confident, and able. Those who don’t like school will be happy to know that learning is more about doing than about studying. Some teachers might also use modern tools like Soldamatic to teach welding online.

From deciding to become a welder to getting certified takes about 9 months, so forget that 4-year college degree. In a few years, you can become a supervisor or manager and take care of other welders who are just starting out.

4. Get going right now.

As we’ve already said, it only takes 9 months to get certified. Once you start a welding class, it might only be a few days before you’re in a workshop holding a blowtorch. People who are even more interested might already be asking friends or family to show them the ropes and watching YouTube guides to understand the theory.

If you’re lucky, your welding education will include welding simulation, which is one of the most innovative ways that the welding industry has come up with to train and develop new welders.

5. Great side job in the area.

As we’ve already said, being a welder in your area is a good way to make extra money. You can work your regular welding job and, if you have the energy, do some part-time welding in the evenings and on the weekends to help your community. You can also use your skills to make things in your own home workshop. So many things could happen.

6. Get out and see the world!

Do you want to go places? You’re not alone. Thousands of welders have left their home towns and countries to show off their amazing skills all over the world. There is a lot of demand and pay in the Middle East. Africa has amazing projects and interesting ways of life. In Asia, building projects move quickly and need skilled welders. The good thing is that welding is pretty much the same everywhere. It’s not like being a lawyer, where if you move to a different country, you have to learn a whole new set of laws.

Of course, if you want to be a backpacker who stays in hostels, goes to parties, and moves to a new city every three days, you might be asking a bit much. Opportunities abroad will make you want to stay for a while, maybe six months or more. They might offer places to stay, ways to learn a language, and fun trips to see other cultures. It’s a great way to do things you wouldn’t do at home and save a lot of money at the same time. Many welders find this to be fun and addicting, and they never want to do it again.

7. BYOB means “bring your own” or “be your own boss.”

It’s easy to be a self-employed welder if you’re willing to do the selling and marketing you need to do to get clients. Then, when you have more work than you can handle, you find another welder to help you, then another, and another. This is how you build your own full-time welding business!

At some point, you’ll only have to manage your welders and won’t have to do any welding yourself. That’s for the most business-minded people who read this!

Of course, all of the business skills are useless if you aren’t a good welder to begin with. Because of this, we want you to get as much training as possible and choose a welding specialty so that you can start a business that meets a specific need. This will make you and your business valuable to both independent jobs and companies that need welding done.

8. Help the people you’re with.

Isn’t it true that it doesn’t always have to be about money? You might want to become a welder because you want to help your family, friends, community, local businesses, local volunteer groups, and more. You might want to help friends who are working on projects they are really interested in. Someone you know might be building a house and trying to keep costs down.

Don’t be afraid to help others, because you can’t buy good karma.

9. More chances for women to succeed.

Women make up only 4.5% of welders at the moment. In an industry with a big skills gap and talent shortage, this means that there is a huge need for women to join this industry and be better represented. There are a lot of chances to find work, get training, and learn. And in this career, there is no men or women, it is all the welders.

People also say that women are better welders than men because they follow the pattern instead of the flame. This makes them better experts for high-end jobs and gives them a clear advantage in an industry where men are more common.

10. It will take care of you for the rest of your life.

Want to live a long time? You should learn to weld. The average millennial will change jobs five times, but the average welder never stops. With so many different jobs, skills, and places to work in this field, there’s no reason to let it stay the same.

Demand is unlikely to go down, there are no barriers to entry, and the money you make will last you a lifetime.

What is stopping you from getting into welding career right now?