Soldamatic 2018, the latest generation of Augmented Reality welding training solution, has arrived with the goal of improving the user experience of welding instructors and students.

The third generation of the Soldamatic platform is Soldamatic IE. It uses new technologies like augmented reality (AR) to make learning easier and better. It also uses real welding tools to help build skills and muscle memory.

The Augmented Reality, hardware, and software features of Soldamatic Augmented Training have improved to make it the most realistic way to learn how to weld on the market.

Below are some of the new characteristics of the 1st welding training solution powered with AR

  • It uses the real welding mask which is ergonomic and comfortable to wear.
  • The software interface is user-friendly and intuitive.
  • The most realistic welding power source front panel.

Soldamatic is the market’s first and only turn-key welding tutoring solution powered by Augmented Reality. It not only reduces the costs and improves the training efficiency of a welding program when combined with the Augmented Training methodology. It also accelerates students’ learning to the point where they are competent enough to attend a real workshop.

Why do we need augmented reality?

So, in the list presented below we have mentioned the needs of augmented reality in welding.

  • Motivation: Firstly, AR gets the younger generation interested in welding. AR makes everything look better and more interesting.
  • Savings: Secondly, it lessens how much you use consumables and how much they cost. Train more welders to keep your shop running.
  • Boost the process of learning: Moreover, AR lets students learn in a different way, which will help them remember more information for longer.
  • Comprehensive solution for learning how to weld. The most complete solution for learning how to weld and digitalizing performance.
  • Engaging method: Soldamatic uses gamification to get trainees more interested and personalized learning to meet their individual needs.
  • Remote upgrading and maintenance system, including software updates and real-time, remote technical support for the whole world.