Welding skill development is gradually but steadily gaining traction in India. Inmates in jail have recently benefited from these. Welding training is typically included in skill development programmes alongside fitter, electrician, and other trades. It is nearly impossible to establish a functional training lab due to a lack of funds.

Welding is an expensive trade to learn because of the various processes, joint configurations, and positional requirements. Students require not only theoretical knowledge, but also an increasing amount of time for hands-on learning.

Soldamatic is the only interactive welding simulator that makes learning how to weld affordable. It has Augmented Reality Technology and a didactic learning experience. The best welding societies in the world, like IIW, AWS, and DVS, back it up.

Institutional Prerequisites

Practice comes at a cost. Material, Power, Consumables, Gases, and Lots and Lots of Material are all required by the institute. Neither the fund allocation nor the student fees account for this.

Corporate Investment – Jail Inmates

One of the primary objectives of the training programmes is to assist individuals in recovering and reintegrating into society. The goals of these programmes are to bring education to all prisons in the state, to make sure that skill development in prisons promotes self-reliance and autonomy so that inmates can return to society in a peaceful way, and to find out how the activities that inmates do in prison affect their behaviour when they leave.

Welding training is now available to underprivileged youth across the country, thanks to corporate companies willing to invest in cutting-edge technologies such as augmented reality. We’re happy to say that Soldamatic is now helping people in an Indian prison. This centre not only has the best infrastructure, but it also has a knowledgeable Trainer and dedicated young people who want to pursue a career in welding.